sa3 pro face – 3 active ingredients for a perfect skin

Due to the three highly concentrated active ingredients snap-8, Kinetin and Hyaluronic Acid enclosed in each product, effective results are visible and noticeable already after a few weeks. Wrinkle depth is demonstrably reduced and tired, dry skin intensively moisturized.


The face is evidently rejuvenated, wrinkles bolstered up and flattened and the skin gets it juvenescent brilliance back.


Studies show that this active agent diminishes wrinkles up to 30 %. By its ability to reduce wrinkle depth when applied regularly it is considered to be the new “anti-aging weapon”.


This revolutionary biochemical active agent is the first to significantly delay cellular aging in human skin. Kinetin is generated from a natural plant growth  hormone.

hyaluronic acid

(high- and low molecular)

Are perfectly matched to each other and complement one another optimally in their effectiveness. Together they significantly improve the regeneration of the skins elasticity and cause a long-lasting reduction of wrinkles.

The exclusive sa3 pro face series contains 5 high-quality products:


Pro Face Ultra Lifting Cream SPF 15

Pro Face Ultra Firming Night Cream 

Pro Face Ultra Hydration Serum

Pro Face Ultra Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

Pro Face Pashmina Performance Cream